#nojigglejune Was a Success!

How many of you set a goal but have a hard time sticking with it?  I know I do!  I have wanted to put in more time at the gym but always had a hard time sticking with the routine.  

Enter Katie from KTP on TPT and her amazing idea to put together a calendar of photo challenges called #nojigglejune.  

As soon as I saw her calendar, I wanted to join the fun!  I never knew that a silly photo challenge would be exactly what I needed to hold me accountable.  I did not post a photo every day, but I did go to the gym every. single. day. of June!

If you want to check out the photos I did post, you can find them on my Instagram page or you can search for #nojigglejune to see everybody's pictures!

It was not easy, but when you want something bad enough, you will make time for it in your day.  Did you know that if you spend an entire hour at the gym that it is still only 4% of your day?  4%!!!  Anybody has time for that!  

To celebrate meeting my goal, I went out and bought a new pair of gym sneakers!  I just LOVE the bright colors!

How many pounds did I lose?  ZERO!  Then why am I excited, do you ask?  

Even though there were not any changes on the scale, I noticed big changes when I looked in the mirror.  I noticed even bigger changes when I was actually working out!  I can push myself harder during cardio.  I am getting stronger and can lift more weight!  

Am I done?  Absolutely NOT!  I want to keep going!!!  Lucky for me, Katie from KTP on TPT wants to keep going too!  She put together another Instagram photo challenge for #jigglefreejuly!

I am so excited to keep this going and to see even bigger results!  Maybe I can even meet Katie at the gym while we're in Las Vegas to pose for July 10's #workoutbuddies photo!  

Will you join us for #jigglefreejuly?  

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Viva Las Vegas!

I am so excited!  Beyond excited!

In 11 days, I will be on a plane heading to Las Vegas!  While I am there, I will be attending SDE's Differentiated Instruction conference for one day, the teacher-blogger meet-up on Wednesday night, and of course, the Teachers Pay Teachers Supercharge Seller Success conference.  Not only that but I will get to hang out with my husband and some old friends while meeting new friends!  Did I mention that we're leaving the kids home?  Yes!

For the last few weeks I have been getting myself prepared.  Here are a few things I have ordered to bring with me:

My name tag for the teacher/blogger meet-up:

My business cards that I just LOVE from VistaPrint:

I also ordered a cute little button from Zazzle to put on my bag:

I even ordered some new bags from thirtyone that will be arriving in the mail shortly to take with me!  I can't wait to see them!

Stay tuned because I will be showing them off and announcing a sweet giveaway to celebrate 600 followers in my TpT store (almost there) and my new blog!

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My Summer Bucket List

I love summer!  It is my favorite season!  In Upstate New York, we have long, snowy, dark, snowy, freezing, snowy winters.  Did I mention that we get a lot of snow?  After winter, we have short, tempermental springs that quickly roll into the most glorious summers.

The best part of summer vacation is that I get to spend extra time with my friends and family.  Even though I have been off for the last year on parental leave, Upstate winters make me want to hibernate inside my house!  Plus, you mamas (and dads) know how long it takes to bundle up two kids!  Just getting dressed to walk to the car to take a ride to Wegman's takes an extra half an hour!  I love when you can easily venture out of the house after just slipping on a pair of flip flops.

Each year, I think of thousands of things I want to do during the summer and this year I decided to write them all down in a summer bucket list.  I encourage you to make the most out of your summer and do the same.  Here is mine:

* Hike to a waterfall.
* Take the kids to the beach.
* Sew curtains for my shelves at school.
* Organize all of the closets in my house.
* Go camping.
* Visit family in NYC.
*Go to The Great New York State Fair!
*Attend the TpT conference in Las Vegas.
* Organize my binders for school BEFORE the school year starts.
* Host our first pool party in our back yard.
* Go to a water park with the kids.
* Spend as much time as possible with my family at Duck Lake.
A perfect summer day!

What is on your summer bucket list?  I would love to read your lists!

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I am super excited to start a blog filled with special education resources and strategies that any elementary teacher can use in their own classroom.  For the last year, I have been on parental leave and spending a lot more time with my two children, Lily (3) and Thomas (14 months).  It has been the most amazing year and I am thankful for every extra moment I have gotten to enjoy with them.

This fall, I will be returning to the classroom!  I will be the special education teacher co-teaching with our 5th grade team!  I am excited to work with this team and this grade level again.  I have also worked with this group of kids when they were third graders and am looking forward to working with them again.  In my school, 5th grade departmentalizes so I will get the opportunity to co-teach with three amazing teachers!

One of the most important things in co-teaching is the relationship between the teachers.  It takes time to build a rapport and get into a rhythm.  I put together The Ultimate Co-Teaching Start-Up Kit because I found that once you develop that relationship and trust, everything else can fall into place more easily.

I am currently working with Courtney from Blogs Fit For A Queen.  My blog will have a fresh face soon and when the new design is live, I will have a giveaway celebration!  I am so excited to get this blog started and hope you stick around for the fun!

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