My Summer Bucket List

I love summer!  It is my favorite season!  In Upstate New York, we have long, snowy, dark, snowy, freezing, snowy winters.  Did I mention that we get a lot of snow?  After winter, we have short, tempermental springs that quickly roll into the most glorious summers.

The best part of summer vacation is that I get to spend extra time with my friends and family.  Even though I have been off for the last year on parental leave, Upstate winters make me want to hibernate inside my house!  Plus, you mamas (and dads) know how long it takes to bundle up two kids!  Just getting dressed to walk to the car to take a ride to Wegman's takes an extra half an hour!  I love when you can easily venture out of the house after just slipping on a pair of flip flops.

Each year, I think of thousands of things I want to do during the summer and this year I decided to write them all down in a summer bucket list.  I encourage you to make the most out of your summer and do the same.  Here is mine:

* Hike to a waterfall.
* Take the kids to the beach.
* Sew curtains for my shelves at school.
* Organize all of the closets in my house.
* Go camping.
* Visit family in NYC.
*Go to The Great New York State Fair!
*Attend the TpT conference in Las Vegas.
* Organize my binders for school BEFORE the school year starts.
* Host our first pool party in our back yard.
* Go to a water park with the kids.
* Spend as much time as possible with my family at Duck Lake.
A perfect summer day!

What is on your summer bucket list?  I would love to read your lists!

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