I am super excited to start a blog filled with special education resources and strategies that any elementary teacher can use in their own classroom.  For the last year, I have been on parental leave and spending a lot more time with my two children, Lily (3) and Thomas (14 months).  It has been the most amazing year and I am thankful for every extra moment I have gotten to enjoy with them.

This fall, I will be returning to the classroom!  I will be the special education teacher co-teaching with our 5th grade team!  I am excited to work with this team and this grade level again.  I have also worked with this group of kids when they were third graders and am looking forward to working with them again.  In my school, 5th grade departmentalizes so I will get the opportunity to co-teach with three amazing teachers!

One of the most important things in co-teaching is the relationship between the teachers.  It takes time to build a rapport and get into a rhythm.  I put together The Ultimate Co-Teaching Start-Up Kit because I found that once you develop that relationship and trust, everything else can fall into place more easily.

I am currently working with Courtney from Blogs Fit For A Queen.  My blog will have a fresh face soon and when the new design is live, I will have a giveaway celebration!  I am so excited to get this blog started and hope you stick around for the fun!

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