I LOVE thirty-one!

Have you heard of thirty-one bags?  I love them.  LOVE them!

One of my students introduced me to thirty-one when he gifted me my first thirty-one bag for Christmas.  Right away, I started using it for my teaching bag.  It was perfect, except one thing: I wished it had a zipper.  
Organizing Utility Tote

Even though it didn't have a zipper, I still loved it because it was the perfect size and had a great pattern.  The outside pockets were awesome for smaller items that I wanted easy access to.  

Earlier this year, it was brought to my attention that the same bag now came with an optional zipper called the Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote.  Say what?!?  So excited!  

This is the one that I ordered, except mine does not have the butterfly.  
Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote
They also came out with a larger size tote that I love.  They call it the Super Organizing Tote.  It is the exact same bag, but larger.  I am currently banned by my husband from buying any new bags for the time being, but I want this bag too!
Super Organizing Tote

I would love to show you my entire thirty-one collection (totes, thermals, wallets, cinch bags), but it would take me days to write up!  

Now here is some GREAT news!  Tomorrow is the first day of my 600 TpT Follower/Blog Launch Giveaway!!!  

Stop by tomorrow to enter to win a $30 credit to my store, Learning Lab, a $25 credit to Educlips, or a $25 credit to thirty-one when you order through Megan Cuyler!

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