Back to School (Almost)

Oh my goodness!  I cannot believe I am already talking about Back to School!  We don't go back for a few weeks but I know a lot of my blogger friends have already returned.  I am NOT ready for summer to end!

I am ready for the BTS sale on TpT though!  My wish list is getting long and I am getting ready to fill my cart.  For those that don't know, TpT is having a site-wide sale on August 4 & 5.  Many individual sellers will be placing their stores on sale for 20% off and with TpT's promo code, you can get an additional 10% for a total of 28% off!  28% off is a GREAT deal!  

One of my newest products that I LOVE is my Student Led Conferences - All-In-One Kit.  I have wanted to do student led parent conferences in my classroom for awhile.  My co-teacher and I decided that this would be a great year to try it out.  I put together an all-in-one kit with everything that we will need to make our new conference style a success.  Here is a little preview:

I love including students in planning their education.  I find when they are involved, they take more pride in their learning.  In addition to the Student Led Conference - All-In-One Kit, I have a Student Led Goals: Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring set that I love using with my students.  They love keeping track of their own progress and celebrating their successes.  

What are some new ideas that you're going to be doing with your class this year?

Before I get back in to the BTS frame of mind, I need to finish off my summer.  Right now, my family is in NYC visiting my husband's extended family.  He grew up in Broad Channel, Queens and most of his family still lives there.  Yesterday, we took the train into Manhattan.  It was Lily's first time on the train and she LOVED every minute of it.  

If you're heading back to school, good luck!  If you have a little bit of summer left, soak it all up!  

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