Summer S.L.A.N.T.

Have you heard of SLANT?  It stands for Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers.  I saw an Instagram picture that had a bunch of goodies and excitement.  I love getting mail so I set off to find out what the deal with SLANT was.  I found Lesson with Coffee's blog and learned about SLANT and signed up right away!  The June/July (Summer) theme was SUNSHINE.

Within a few days, I was linked to two bloggers that I had never met before.  It is so exciting to get to meet new people!

The first person I got to know was Kristin from My Carolina Classroom.  

She is an adorable second grade teacher living in North Carolina that is going into her second year of teacher.  I love seeing her Instagram photos of her getting ready for this new school year.  I mailed her a box full of sunshine!  

The other blogger that I got to know was Mandee from Mrs. Ashline's Rules.  

She is a sweet fourth grade teacher also living in North Carolina and also going into her second year of teaching.  How funny is that?  The really cool thing is that Mandee grew up about a half hour from me in Upstate New York!  

Mandee loves crafting and her blog reflects that.  I'm so excited that she included some of her projects in my SLANT box!  

Are you ready to see all of my goodies?  I can't wait to show you!  Yay!

I just love these push pins.  What a great, yet simple idea.  I immediately knew where they could go!

Here they are in action on my daughter's bulletin board.  She was jumping up and down with excitement!

Here is a quick shot of all of the goodies.  The photo is poor quality because I was holding the kiddos back with one arm.  They couldn't wait to get their hands on the koosh balls.  They are still being entertained by them this morning!

 I think this is my FAVORITE part of the box.  I love these clothespins!  If you didn't know, I have a series of Pin and Spin activities and they use clothespins.  Now I want to retake my photographs for my How to Pin & Spin blog post.

These whiteboard magnets are fabulous!  I cannot wait to use them in the classroom!

You can never have enough mini buckets and post-its!  

Mandee even included a little project for Lily to work on.  I am excited to have a new cup for school that will have special meaning.  

My favorite part of SLANT was making connections with other teacher bloggers.  I signed up for the August exchange and the theme this time is HOMETOWN PRIDE.  I am already starting to connect with two new bloggers and am looking forward to this month's exchange.  

Does this sound like something you want to do?  You can learn more about SLANT and sign up here.  

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  1. Thanks again for a fabulous first SLANT experience!! You're the best!