Oh My Sickness!

So, back to school usually means more germs being spread around.  I am always very careful to wash my hands several times a day and I always wipe my tables down a few times.  It doesn't always work...

Last Wednesday, I woke up with a terrible cough and a missing voice.  Like gone.  Aside from a bit of squeaking, there was nothing!  

Thank goodness I am in an inclusion classroom with another teacher and four teaching assistants to be my voice!  

I pushed through with my week with an arsenal of medicine and hot tea.  I was exhausted but I thought it was the normal "back to school" exhaustion.  The coughing kept getting worse and starting impact my sleep and my focus during the day.

Finally, 9 days later I decided to go do the doctor.  It was supposed to be a quick morning appointment so I could get a stronger cough medicine before heading to work.  Instead, I got this:

Coxsackie?!?  Really?!?  That one threw me for a loop!

So, I went to work and got sub plans organized before giving in to the fact that I was really, truly, actually sick.  Once I got home, I crashed.  Almost 5 hours later, I woke up to get the kids from the babysitter and bring them to gymnastics.  

I took Friday off as well and it really helped me with my recovery.  I think the medicine is kicking in!

This morning, I went apple picking and took a relaxing stroll in a creek with my family.  It was exactly what I needed to fully recover! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be healthy!

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