Stop Annoying Bathroom Requests!

Being in an inclusion classroom, it seems like my doors are always opening.  Kids are constantly being pulled for related services.  This year, I was FINALLY able to have all of the related services for my kiddos scheduled around ELA and math.  That seems easy, but when some of my students need 10 sessions of various services, it is hard to avoid those key subjects.  But we did it this year!  

Anyway, one thing I noticed is that kids were constantly getting up to use the bathroom during teaching.  My co-teacher and I were constantly shooting down requests to use the bathroom while we were teaching.

There is nothing more annoying than teaching a really great lesson and see a student eagerly raise their hand only to find out they just want to go to the bathroom.  Well, I guess I can think of a few more annoying things.  

So, we thought of an easy-peasy visual aid for our students that may not be able to read the social cues of the classroom.  No using the bathroom passes during instruction time is a hard rule to follow when you can't really tell the difference between teaching time and working time.  

We came up with this:

Before even raising their hand to ask, now my kiddos have a visual to help them determine if this is a good time to use the bathroom.  It has worked WONDERS in our classroom!  We have cut down on so many needless interruptions and teacher frustration.  

When our passes are OFF, they are OFF.  I mean, we will accommodate for emergencies but passes are not off for long periods of time anyway.  When the passes are on, we just allow the kiddos to use the bathroom pass without even asking.  

If this is something you would like to use in your classroom, you can find my version in my TpT store.

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  1. I definitely need this for my class. GREAT idea to use the visual ~ and it is so cute! Thank you for sharing!