Read! And Help Kids While Doing It!

Have you heard of We Give Books?  The amazing librarian at our school sent out one of her helpful emails a few years ago and introduced me to this amazing website!

We Give Books offers an entire online library of picture books to read for FREE!  There are even lesson plans and activities that can be use in your classroom.  For FREE!  

Do you have a reluctant reader that loves technology?  Have them read online!  

The best part of We Give Books is that for every book that you read online, the organization is able to donate books to children in need!  How cool is that?  You reading helps others have the opportunity to read too!

My kids love reading their "computer books" before bedtime.  We don't always read on the computer because, in my opinion,  there is no replacement for a real-life book.  There is something about actually turning that page!  But, when we read our "computer books", we help put that real-life, page-turning book into the hands of a child that may not have ever owned their own book before.  

How cool is that?

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