The Real Teachers of "Blog" County

One of the biggest misconceptions about teachers that have blogs is that they have picture-perfect classrooms, flawless lesson delivery, and dream class lists.  In reality, we are just like you.  We share a lot of the same struggles you have.  

One of my blogger buddies, Hilary from 2nd Grade is Out of this World came up with a great idea to give you all a sneak peek into the reality of our classrooms.  Welcome to the first installment of The Real Teachers of "Blog" County.

When you walk into my classroom, it looks pretty good.  I take a lot of pride in keeping my classroom neat and organized.  There is a place for everything and I like everything in it's place.  

But I have a secret...

I am a closet messy person!  If you look behind the curtains or in any of my drawers, you will find a semi-organized (at least to me) disaster.  

Here is a peek under my desk.  This is actually pretty clean.  I am getting observed this week and my principal will sit in my seat so I will clean it out one day after school.

One of my parents sewed me shelf curtains for my bookshelves and a few of my tables.  I have them attached by velcro and love that they hide my disaster.  

This cabinet is so bad, that the junk on the top shelf falls down on me when I open the doors.  Some day I will clean it out.  Not today!

My desk is embarrassing!  I feel bad for an substitute that needs to get a pen out of my drawers.  You never know what you're going to find in my desk.  

I can't even tell you want is hidden in my classroom behind the curtains and in drawers.  It is my intention every summer to clean it all out, but I always get caught up in other more important, i.e. more fun, things.  

Show us your mess!  Join the fun and link up with us!

Next month, we will be disclosing our secret hoarding stashes!  See you again soon!

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  1. Wow! I love your tables! Those are amazing. Your classroom looks great! I actually gasped when I saw under your desk because it looks like mine! I feel so much better seeing that I am not the only messy one around! Thank you so much for coming by to link up! It is so much fun seeing everyone's messes!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  2. Haha, under your desk is awesome! I so appreciate that you posted this :)
    Love your blog design!

  3. Wow! You do an excellent job of disguising it! My closets look like such a mess. I have "organized" so many times and it still just looks like piles of piles. I too had an "under the desk" spot that I had to train myself to curve when I got a student teacher last year.

  4. Part of me thinks...curtains! Yeah! That will give me some hidden spots for storage. But then I think I better not go there. I have enough messy stashes already! Thanks for sharing!
    Laughter and Consistency