What's the Story Behind the Logo?

Jenny from Art with Jenny K put together a linky a couple of months ago and like usual, I am a little late to the party!  Better late than never!
Jenny wants to know the story behind our logos.  I thought it would be fun to link up since the story behind my company's name and my logo holds a special place in my heart.

Long before I started a store on Teachers Pay Teachers, I was in my first inclusion position.  Before that, I always had my own special education room.  Now, I had my own room for small group instruction plus the room that I shared with my co-teacher.  

I was very against calling the rooms "our room" and "my room".  But, I knew it would be confusing to call both rooms "our room".  I wanted to come up with a name for my room to set it apart from our main classroom.  I wanted the name to reflect the hard work and learning that would go on inside of it.  After mulling over it for a few weeks during the summer,  I finally settled on "Learning Lab".

I covered up the plastic name plate that said "422 Special Education" with a little sign that said "422 Learning Lab".  I made that classroom inviting for ALL of my students, whether they had an IEP or not.    

When I started thinking about opening a TpT store, I knew that I wanted to call my store Learning Lab.  It totally made sense to me.  My Learning Lab at school was such a huge part of my career and my life.  At first, I just took a picture of one of my signs hanging outside of my Learning Lab.  
I used that picture on my Facebook page for awhile.  I have since replaced it with a simple graphic that goes better with my current logo.  

Once I had a store name, my actual logo has gone through a few changes over the last 18 months.  
Another thing that I find really cool about my logo is that I emailed Sarah from Edu-Clips asking her to create a clip art set of teachers for a project I was working on.  I asked her to if she could include a teacher that looked similar to me to include in the pack.  She asked for a full-length picture of myself and I after searching, I finally sent her one from my wedding rehearsal in 2009.
After a few weeks, she sent me a preview of her teacher pack and I loved the one that she modeled after me so much, that I asked if I could just purchase it separate as a mini-me so I could have exclusive rights to it.  She was so kind and made a new teacher type to replace "me" in her pack.

I have had so much fun reading the stories behind everybody else's logos and I hope that you had some fun reading mine.  So much time and thought goes into creating and building our brands.  I love that this linky gives us a chance to share our stories with our readers!

Thank you for asking us to share, Jenny K!

You can find my logo plastered all over my blog, TpT storeFacebook pagePinterest, and Instagram.  My favorite place to share ideas and fun pictures is on Instagram!

You can find and read other stories behind the logos by visiting Jenny K's blog post.   Have fun!

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  1. Wow-what a great story! I love getting to see the real photo that your logo was designed from...very nice! Thank you for linking up!