Make Homework Collection A Breeze

Homework collection can be such a nightmare, especially when you have several sections of students turning in work at the same time.  This simple trick will make collecting homework so much more manageable.

We departmentalize and have the kids turn in their homework all at once in the morning.  It can get chaotic and messy but we came up with a wonderful system! First, we have a tray for each subject.  Since more than one teacher collects homework in a day, the homework teachers need a quick reference to see who turned in their homework on time.  

The easiest way, is to put out a class list for each homework assignment.  If you had reading and math homework, you would need two lists.  Make sure you label the assignment!
As your students turn in their homework assignments, they cross off their name on each list.
Instead of have to go through each pile right away, you will be able to easily identify which students did not turn in their homework.  
Hopefully, your homework completion rate is a little better than my made-up list! 

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