Back to School Blog Hop

I am so excited to join a group of other 5th grade teachers for Back to School Blog Hop!  We will each have some B2S advice and chances to enter a giveaway where you can win products from all of us!

One of the things that I find to be helpful is getting to know each student from the parent's perspective.  Each little person in your room is somebody's greatest love.  Parents have a wealth of information about their children that can be helpful when you're developing relationships.  

During the first days of school, I give parents a homework assignment.  I ask them to tell me all about their child in a million words or less.  
Click on the picture to download the FREEBIE file.  

Why a million?  That give parents the opportunity to write as much as the need or want!  You'll really enjoy reading the letters that make their way in.

You can read more B2S tips by hopping over to the next blog by Fifth In The Middle.  

Now for the giveaway...  

Just look at all of the goodies you can win!  There are so many that they're hanging off the page!!!

You can enter here or at any of the stops along the hop!  

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Best wishes for a great school year and I hope to see you here at Learning Lab again soon!  

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  1. I love the "Million Words or Less" assignment. I'll definitely be using that in my classroom!

    So nice to be a part of this with all of you!

    Mrs O Knows

  2. I like your "Million words or less" - I do something similar but in more of a question / answer type format.. I might try this idea this year!! Thank you! Great giveaway too ~ Thanks!

  3. I LOVE this assignment! Thanks so much for the freebie! Nice to "hop" with you!