Portable Behavior Management System

A lot of my students have issues with organization (most kids do!) and a few of my kids need a visual behavior monitoring system.  The system that has worked for my students since Kindergarten has been the Red, Yellow, Green Light System.  We have used it as a class-wide system in the past, but by last year we didn't NEED it for most of the kiddos.

However, a few kids still need that visual and I have been racking my brain about how I will give them what they need.   Finally, I came up with an idea to make the behavior management system that they are used to using portable!  

Since we switch classes, I wanted to incorporate the system onto something that the students take with them to each class.  The homework folder was the perfect fit since they will bring that with them anyway!

Here is what you'll need:

*Homework (Take-Home) Folders
*Clear, plastic badge holders
*Red, Yellow, & Green card stock
*Mod Podge Crazy Glue
*Glue brushes (no need with crazy glue)

First, I cut the card stock to fit inside of the badge holders.  I had to trim the edges a few times to make sure that they card stock slid in and out of the badge holders easily.

Then, I glued the badge holder on the top right corner of the folder.  I tried Mod Podge but after 3 days, it still was not even close to being dry so I wiped it off and used crazy glue instead. 

You will easily be able to slip the red, yellow, and green cards in and out of the badge holder.  I recommend keeping all three colors in the badge holder and just changing the order according to the behaviors.  You may use different or more colors to fit your classroom needs.  


  1. I love this because it's individual and all kids have it not just a few who need it! We took our clip chart down this year because I did not want the attention given but this would surely be a more private way to track it. =)

    Jennifer from
    Simply Kinder

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! :)