About Me

Nicole Chavanne is a special education teacher that works with students in the upper elementary grades.  She has a Master's of Science in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and a Bachelor's of Science in Exceptional Education.  She has worked as a self-contained teacher, a push-in provider, and in inclusion classes.  Co-teaching has been her favorite type of teaching so far!  
Nicole creates educational resources for her TeachersPayTeachers store, Learning Lab.  She lives in Upstate New York with her husband, three small kids, and one big dog. 
 Nicole believes that ALL students have the potential to surprise us.  When students are held to high expectations, academically and behaviorally, and given a safe place to take chances, they will thrive!
You can find teaching tips and ideas from Nicole on her Instagram and Facebook pages.  If you're co-teaching, Nicole also runs a Facebook support group for co-teachers to collaborate and share ideas. 


Legal Disclosure

This website is a personal project written, edited, and maintained exclusively by me, Nicole Chavanne.

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  1. Hi Nicole, my name is Michelle and I found you through fifth in the middle's nys blog link up. Its good to find another upstate NY blogger!

  2. I'm a first year teaching in a classroom for students with Behavioral and Emotional disabilities. It's great to have found you!

  3. I am finishing my 4th year as a resource teacher in a rural district in Northern CA. I am supposed to be teaching mild to moderate but this year I have 2 severe students on my case load. I constantly feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities especially the paperwork. This year I had 9 triennials (finishing the last one this week) and 9 initials plus all the other IEP's. I have 25 on my caseload. I love working with the kids and seeing them learn and enjoy it and make progress and feel the IEP's are often too time consuming and draining so little time is left for preparing good quality instruction and hands on materials for my students. About how long does it take you to prepare a tri or initial and how long would you say an annual takes you to prepare. My worst day this year was the last Tues. in April when I had 6 IEP's 2 were tri's and the rest were annuals or a 30 day placement. I felt like I had been getting ready for the IEP's a long time but still the night before I was adding stuff to IEP's until 12:45 a.m. and I only could sleep 3 hrs. that night I was so anxious. I am glad to have found you and will probably be purchasing next school year from your TPT store or maybe this summer. Thanks, Margie